All Nigerian Food Recipes

I know I created this account cos I wanted to share my many tots on different issues n a few of my personal experiences… I sha have forced myself to blog today, dis is my 1st tym so y’all sud pls pardon any of my mistakes n feel free to correct me + I am open to suggestions from u guys…

I’m a yoruba girl who loves to cook n try out recipes n apart from my youth service, I’v been based in d southwest of nigeria all of my life. I was born @ a time wen my mum was the major bread winner @ home so she had little or no time to teach me how to cook bt I can proudly tell you that I can cook the common basic yoruba dishes of which I learnt all of this on my own… There was this particular time I wantd to eat coleslaw n wasn’t ready to waste moni on the already made 1s from nearby fastfood restaurants n had to start askn around bout how come the creamer used for coleslaw is usually sweet, even d caterer in my family cudn’t gimme an answer n as a computer savvy girl I remembered there’s something called google, so I searched for “how to prepare nigerian coleslaw” (how I knew to add nigerian is anoda story) and there it was “All Nigerian Food Recipes” u can only imagine how happy I was wen I realized I don’t have to wait till I make friends from all over nigeria before I can prepare different dishes. As I type this I am eating spagetti surprise! Trust I am so happy bout how it turned out, as my fam is not exactly a spagetti eating 1. I don’t know the owner of that website personally but she is definitely 1 of my favourite persons in the world… Love her pieces…

If u are a food lover like myself I bet u’d want 2 check out the website that made me blog and if u’r thinking you don’t know how to cook the recipes are written in the simplest form that even a 7 year old wud undastnd.


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